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About | Vi.Ve Apparel

About Us | Vi.Ve Apparel

My name is Verónica Del Valle, chemical engineer and sustainable stylist. To have this store has been a long standing dream that came to be in 2018 with the support of my partner, Victor Matos. 

My mission is to help you have personal style and be sustainable with your clothing choices. The capsule wardrobe promotes exactly that. Wearing our clothes for good and buying things that you truly love to wear. I want every person that works with me to know I am deeply devoted to the transformation that takes place when wearing a reflection of you that is personally fulfilling and environmentally responsible, not to mention that this method of styling will save you money in the long run.

I also have pets if you would like to get to know them:

  • 1 Yorkie - Nikki Valeria

  • 1 Cat - Simón Eugenio

  • 1 Albino Hedgehog - Momo

  • 4 Fish (M?) - Called fishies

Please contact us at customerservice@viveapparel.shop see how I can better serve your needs.