5% of your purchase will be donated to Anti-Slavery International a non-profit to end modern slavery.

Our Flamboyán capsule wardrobe, timeless.

Capsule Wardrobes or Capsule Collections are sustainable. Why? Because they promote re-wearing our clothes and being creative with our styles.

This Fall we launched Vi.Ve Apparel, a new concept to the sustainable wardrobe. At Vi.Ve Apparel you can purchase capsule wardrobes in on season colors and trends. We also curated some vintage fashion for the second-hand lover. Yes, we love second-hand too!


We also offer sustainable styling services, where you can build your own capsule wardrobe with our virtual styling guide. We tailor the colors, the aesthetic, the sustainable fashions to your lifestyle and needs. Try it out! We have 10, 15 and 30 outfit packages. You do the shopping online, at your own pace and budget.


The Flamboyán Capsule Collection goes beyond 30 wears. It goes beyond one season. It is the uniform of a girl who is stylish and cares about the environment. She can be you!



Verónica Del Valle

Co-Owner | Vi.Ve Apparel


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